55-15 Metropolitan Ave., Ridgewood, NY 11385, USA

Training Etiquette

1. Let’s all be respectful

Conduct yourself in a quite and respectful manner inside and around the academy, be humble.  This includes group chats and social media.

2. Friendly, not nosey

Don’t ask people too many questions. Friendly conversation is fine, but nothing to make others feel uncomfortable. Allow people to share when they are ready.

3. No shoes

No shoes on the mat! Place clothing, bags, etc. in the area designated by the staff, and not in the lobby area.

4. No free shows

Change in the designated changing area or restroom, do not change in front of everyone.

5. Bow

Bow when entering or leaving the training area. This shows respect to the self, training partners, gym, owners, new-comers, etc.

6. Address teachers appropriately

Address Black Belt Instructors as “Professor” and non-black belt instructors as “Coach“.

7. Listen to Professors

Do not speak while the professor is teaching. Do not critique what the professor is teaching. Do not perform a different technique than what the professor is teaching (unless you check with the professor). Follow along as best you can, if there are questions or disagreements, speak to the professor alone and / or speak to the senior professor and / or owner.

8. Remove unnecessary accessories

Remove jewelry, watches and all interfering accessories before class.

9. No gum

No chewing gum in class.

10. No calls inside

No talking on the phone in the main area during instruction – take calls outside whenever possible.

11. Stand or sit

Please sit or stand in a respectful manner during instruction: do not sit on / lean against the wall.

12. Clean up equipment

Regarding dojo equipment: rack your weights after using them, bring a personal towel to use when working out, and wipe all sweat off of equipment after using.  If you do not have, ask the staff for something to clean the equipment with.

13. Clean yourself up

Practice proper hygiene: keep fingernails / toenails trimmed and clean, gi and other training clothing must be washed after each and every use, and please shower before and after classes.

14. Clean up after yourself

Clean up after yourself in general: take all belongings, gis, water bottles, shorts, rashguards, refuse, etc.

15. Take your food

Unless there is a bbq and / or other celebration, do not leave any food in the gym for any reason.  Eating at home 1-2 hours before or after class will avoid dizziness, nausea, and sickness.

16. Stay healthy

If you feel sick, have a high temperature or flu-like symptoms, stay home and notify the head instructor or owners immediately.

17. Be timely

Allow adequate time to arrive / don’t be late, dress and be prepared for start of class. If you are late, please wait for the instructor to bow you into the class. Arrive no sooner than 15 minutes prior to class time.  If you arrive early, do not disrupt the current class.

18. Clear guests

No guests are allowed without prior approval from the head instructor or owners.

19. We are here for you

If you have an issue with a student, professor and / or a suggestions for the facility, please speak to the head instructor or owners. We all abide by and are accountable to the rules, including head instructors and owners.

20. Train hard

Train hard and enjoy yourself, but also be mindful of your training partners’ well-being! This is a special place.❤

Any questions, please speak to a senior belt or owners, thank you!